My Little Pony’s Comic-Con exclusives

USA Today has revealed images of this year’s My little Pony SDCC exclusives. Fittingly for the occasion, these exclusives are based on the character Mane-iac, a villain who appears in the comic-themed episode “Power Ponies.”

SDCC Pony 1

First is a Mane-iac toy with fully sculpted hair, based on her show appearance. USA Today states the following product description: “This power-mad pony from Maretropolis features a metallic purple outfit, accessorized with fashionable black and gold glittery boots. She comes with Spike the Dragon as ‘Hum Drum.'” Mane-iac and Hum Drum cost $49.99.


SDCC Pony 2


Next is a My Little Pony Equestria Girls version of Mane-iac. This one retails for $29.99.



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