More Images from Tokyo Toy Show 2014 – Potato Head, POP!, Nanoblock

Thanks to Autobase Aichi, we have even more images of Transformers product from Tokyo Toy Show! From Takara Tomy’s booth, we have more images of Masterpieces Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Silverstreak as well as images of Battle Command Optimus Prime with Takara Tomy’s versions of the 1-Step Age of Extinction characters. Also on display are the Transformers Potato Head toys which Takara Tomy will be bringing over to Japan – the single packs will be 980 yen while the vehicle mode mash-up figures will be 1800 yen.
At the Funko/Hot Toys booth, the POP! vinyl collectibles of Optimus, Drift, and Bumblebee were shown. All three are priced at 1500 yen apiece.
Lastly at the Nanoblock booth were a couple of Transformers branded construction sets. You can probably guess that they build Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but what’s a bit more of a surprise is that Nanoblock teamed with Choro-Q to make the vehicle modes motorized!