Mania King Doubles The Mania With A Vintage Style Recolour

Unique Toys’ IDW styled Mania King figure was already a pretty attractive toy. With sharp sculpting and a modern colour palette, it made many fans ‘Best Of’ lists in the first quarter of the year.

That’s no mean feat these days.
Whether you missed out on the first release, or find something charming and familiar with this new version, this recolour certainly stands out. It was tweeted by TF Source here, and listed here at BigBadToyStore, along with the initial release, if you would like to have some symmetry in your displays. Mania King G02DX is listed in the same price point region of the first, at around $115.oo, and is listed as being a Limited Edition. The picture below is of this new, ‘Vintage Style’ recolour, Mania King G02DX.
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