Limited Edition “Age of Extinction” Linticular Coins – Australia’s Perth Mint

Austrailia’s Perth Mint will be selling Limited Edition “Age of Extinction” Linticular coins. The coins will all have a linticular effect and they will come in three different styles. One version will feature Lockdown with the other two having either Optimus or Bumblebee on it.  Each of the coins are made of  pure silver and will cost AUS $104.55 per coin and AUS $286.36 for the entire set of coins. For further details please Click Here.


The Perth Mint is proud to present the Transformers: Age of Extinction 2014 1oz Silver Proof Lenticular Coins. Each commemorative portrays an iconic Transformers character –  Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Lockdown.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a brave and compassionate commander determined to improve the universe. Optimus Prime finds himself constantly in battle with the Decepticons in his quest to protect the inhabitants of Earth, and the universe at large. In Transformers: Age of Extinction this fearless leader is depicted as a semi-truck on transformation.
Bumblebee was the second character to ever appear on-screen in the original animated series, The Transformers, when it debuted in 1984. Back then, Bumblebee transformed into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Thirty years on, fan-favourite Bumblebee is back for the fourth instalment of the popular Transformers movie franchise. In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Bumblebee is depicted as a yellow Chevrolet Camaro on transformation.
Lockdown is a rogue Transformers Decepticon, and ruthless bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to bring in his bounty. With a head that can change into a gun, he is a truly dangerous killer. In the original animated series, The Transformers, he was an Autobot CyberNinja who trained under Yoketron, before being banished for betraying him. Lockdown later returned to kill Yoketron as his first job as a bounty hunter. In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Lockdown is back with a vengeance, and is depicted as a Lockdown Supercar on conversion.