Legends Game Debuts Signature Series, Starting With Guido Guidi

For those who play the popular card-based Legends game, this new event will be of interest, even for those who have never played it before!

The planned event for the game app is going to launch a new event, called the ‘Signature Series’, spotlighting popular Transformers comic artists.
First on deck; Guido Guidi.
Not only will you win Rare and Ultra Rare cards, but you’ll also be eligible for what has to be considered the ultimate rarity of the game so far: Guido’s signature on the art. The app should be set for a busy time over the course of the event.
It doesn’t actually say how players can win these, or really even what they are. This is the first time it’s been done, so we simply don’t know. Are they digital? Are they real prints of the cards? Art for the cards? Regardless of logistics, this should expand the player base, and there’s another neat feature of this Signature Series. The characters chosen are all personally selected by Guido, and are his favourite characters. We should be in for a nice mix of the classic and the obscure.
The game is downloadable via the usual app outlets for smartphones. Check to see if your mobile phone or tablet is compatible. The Legends blog featuring the news is located here, so be sure to check for updates explaining just how the signatures work, and what they are.
If you’re a fan of the game, or just interested, come see our forum thread for the game, and network with other players.