LA Times Article – “Trax Transformers Into a Robot of The Same Name”

In a new article by LA Times’ reporters Daniel Miller & Jerry Hirsch, we are told that GM is intending on making a big push in the Chinese Market and that one of their marketing vehicles will be the upcoming Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction movie.  In the article they reveal that ‘Trax’ will not only be the name of the car, but also the name of the character.
Citing the success of the former movies in the China market, the article goes on to tell us the following…

The “Transformers” franchise is uniquely suited to automotive product placement because many main characters are cars that change into robots. In the film, a Trax transforms into a robot of the same name. The car appears in a portion of the movie that was shot and takes place in China.

“Many, many eyeballs will see this product placement,” Cain said. “It’s a huge movie in China.”