Kids Logic Gives Us The Shiny with 24K Gold Plated, And .999 Silver Plated Versions. Love The Shiny!

Kids Logics’ smaller versions of their original Optimus Prime, and upcoming Megatron, and more, via their Mecha Nations line, are eagerly anticipated by fans of designer toys, and cool non-transformable figures.
This time, though, they’re taking it to an all-time high.

The smaller sets of figures, dubbed the ‘Kids Nation’ line due to their smaller stature, are yet to come out. They’re only available as a pack of 5 for the first wave, consisting of Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Grimlock, Starscream, and Bumblebee. They’re available for around $120 for the set, and the figures range in height from 9-10.5 cm, which is roughly around the 4 inch height range. Every figure in the set also has light-up eyes, adding a nice additional layer of fun to them. The sets are up for pre-order at several retailers, including site sponsors TFSource, located here, and BigBadToyStore, located here. Both have priced them at $119.99US for the set of 5.
Obviously there’s a rather big name missing from that set, and it was always assumed by fans that Megatron would be in the second set. This has now been confirmed by the news of a new variation to the original 5, plus Megatron, that is set to again appeal to a certain subset of fans. A much smaller segment again.
This time, they’re releasing them with a rather unique variation, with the 3 Autobots being plated with 24K gold, and the 3 Decepticons plated with .999 silver.
For these special releases, each are sold separately, so you can buy as you please. They also come with some nice extras which really add to their displayability and let you keep them away from any dust. They come with an acrylic case,  and the serial number stamped on the included faction base, making each one into a beautifully displayable piece that’s rather unique, and unlikely to be seen by any other company. Please note that both are PLATED with the gold or silver, so it’s only the surface area covered with the precious metals.
Price has yet to be confirmed, however, they have done this before for another line, the popular Iron Man line, based on the blockbuster third film. They were around the $350 range, with no price difference between the silver or gold versions. While that is another line with its own pricing and cost structure, it is not a perfect comparison, and nothing has been confirmed. We’re just saying that if we use the Iron Man versions as an example, they were that much. Maybe it gives an idea of the price range for the Transformers versions, and maybe not.
We’ll just have to wait and see.
Keep an eye on your favourite retailers, as we are expecting these to be available in very limited numbers to the usual retail outlets.
All information here (except the pricing talk), is courtesy of the Kids Logic Facebook page, available here.  We have mirrored the Facebook photos, available for viewing directly beneath this article. They’re definitely worth a look.
Keep alert, and be sure to tell us on the Allspark forums, what you think of them. If you do end up buying, we’d love to see photographs of these in a home environment.