Interview Clips with Takara Transformers Designers Hironori Kobayashi & Shogo Hasui

Two short interview clips have been uploaded to Chinese site Youku, featuring Takara Transformers designers Hironori Kobayashi & Shogo “Mr. Starscream” Hasui, in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers brand. The audio of the video clips are in Japanese, with Chinese subtitles.
Excerpts from the interview with Mr. Kobayashi:

  • Designed MP-01 Convoy, MP-08 Grimlock, MP-11 Starscream, and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy.
  • On what he what he thinks of Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime is not perfect, but it is his flaws that make him a great hero.
  • His favorite Transformers are the Generation 1 Season 1 Autobots, but he also has an affinity for the Generation 1 Sharkticon figure.
  • Amongst the toys he designed, his favorites are Masterpiece Grimlock, Revenge of the Fallen EZ Devastator, and Age of Extinction Evasion Mode Optimus Prime.

Excerpts from the interview with Mr. Hasui:

  • Designed MP-10 Convoy and MP-21 Bumblebee
  • His first exposure to Transformers was at age 10 years old, when everyone gathered all their Transformers toys at a friend’s house. He loved the feeling of seeing all the toys lined up together. That is why he puts a lot of emphasis on scale when when he designed the Masterpiece toys, so that they look in scale with one another when lined up together.
  • He favors the G1 Decepticons, especially Bruticus. Combiners and military vehicles were appealing to him. He feels that  Bruticus is the symbolic embodiment of the Decepticons, with all those weapons on him.
  • He got the “Mr. Starscream” nickname for designing the various incarnations of Starscream for the Armada, Energon, and Cybertron series.
  • He believes there will be a day when mankind will be able to create actual autonomous transforming robots.

Both of them hope that Transformers fans will continue to support their efforts, particularly the Masterpiece series.
Hironori Kobayashi And Shogo Hasui