Her Universe: Transforming your wardrobe!

Fangirls, take note! Online clothier Her Universe today unveiled a line of Transformers apparel specifically for female fans! The company has been making waves with their hoodies, tank tops, jewelry, and dresses based around some of the biggest pop culture properties around, including Star Wars and Doctor Who, and with another box office smash on the way from Michael Bay it was only a matter of time until Her Universe got to Optimus Prime and Co.

Her Universe is offering dresses designed to mimic G1 Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as screen-printed T-shirts featuring the Dinobots and leggings with an Autbobot insignia pattern. While screen-printed tees are not a rarity in comic and entertainment shops, shirts fitted for the ladies are always a little harder to come by.
Visit the Her Universe website HERE for ordering info, and discuss this in our forums HERE!