GIJCC – FSS 3.0 Deadline Coming Soon, New Look For Hit & Run

The GI Joe Collectors’ Club have sent out a new email about the Figure Subscription Service 3.0. The entire line-up has now been shown, and the end of the subscription order period is coming up fast on July 1st! They’ve also made an update to one of the figures based on fan response…anyone who has been paying attention knows who that figure is!

Hello Everyone,We have now shown all the figures for the FSS 3.0 AND check the club site later today for an update, based on your feedback.  We appreciate your comments and feedback and hope you enjoy this next great set of figures!
The order period ends at midnight on Tuesday, July 1st, make sure you get your order in before then!
GIJCC: Figure Subscription Service 3.0 Pre-Order – order NOW!
Thanks for your support!Brian
Shortly after this email was sent out, the updated mock-up for HIT & RUN was shown on the GIJCC home page. Taking in account some of the most vocal fan complaints, this figure now has green tinted camouflage on his face and arms, different web gear, a more subdued green, and larger black camouflage stripes. Check out the old and new versions of Hit & Run below:
And here is the full line-up of FSS 3.0: