First Souvenir Pictures From Botcon (Updated 2X)

Thanks to our friends at Radio Free Cybertron we have the first new images from Pasadena of the Botcon exclusives. Read more below to check out Flamewar, Apelinq in package, and legible tech spec scans of Alpha Trizer, Flareup and Hunter. Updated to include the Botcon price list revealing the at show exclusives as a Pirate 2 pack ($82), Clone 2 pack ($92), and a Knight 3 pack ($139). The Kre-O exclusive will be $49 this year. Also we can share the first images of Pounce & Wingspan and confirmation they come with Arms Microns!

Credit to Radio Free Cybertron and thanks to Allspark forum member Jalaguy. Thanks to XavierCal on Facebook and Allspark member MidnightFox for Pounce & Wingspan. Follow our ongoing discussion thread for Botcon here.