Exclusive Constructbots Grimlock and Optimus Prime Now Available on Target.com

Fans immediately began to drool over this set when it was deduced that the colors used on Grimlock were a nod to his unreleased G2 deco. So if you were one of those fans that wanted the Target exclusive Constructbots Grimlock with Silver Knight Optimus Prime Dinobot Rider, then head over to Target.com now! The website has been updated with an order page for the set, in stock and ready to ship. The price tag ended up being $14.99, the same price as regular retail for a Constructbots Dinobot and Dinobot Rider.
And if you’d prefer to wait for the set to show up at brick and mortar, make sure to use the “Find in a Store” feature to see which of your local stores have it in stock!
Click here to see the Target.com order page.