Casey Kasem alert but in Critical Condition

Last month we told you Casey Kasem was missing and a judge had ordered an investigation into his whereabouts. Casey has been found but he isn’t in very good shape. His current wife, Jean and his children continue to battle for control of the 82 year old’s well being and treatment. At this time he’s listed in critical condition.

“Mr. Kasem is alert and appears comfortable at this time,” Scott Thompson, a spokesman for the facility in Gig Harbor added.

The 82-year-old former host of “American Top 40” and “Casey’s Top 40” is receiving antibiotics through IVs, blood pressure support medicine and care for his bed sores, Thompson said.

Kasem was admitted to the hospital Sunday after one of his daughters and an ambulance crew retrieved him from a home where he and his wife were staying with friends.

“Any further updates on Mr. Kasem’s condition will be at the discretion and approval of his children,” Thompson said.

Source : CNN.

Watch as his wife, Jean, rants, raves and throws meat at reporters while quoting the Bible in the below video. (Please allow a moment for it to load)

Our thoughts are with Casey and his children as they deal with this difficult time and we wish him the best as he has given us so much joy throughout the decades.