BotCon 2014 Devcon Final Sample

botcon_2014_devconBotCon have now posted to their Facebook page a new image of the BotCon 2014 exclusive Devcon figure. This new image shows what appears to be a final sample for Devcon, which varies slightly from the original digital mock-up in that the hands are red with white paint on the fingers rather than entirely white. It also appears to have a slightly darker face and darker blue.
Devcon is available as part of the BotCon 2014 “Pirates vs. Knight” box set of figures alongside Pirates Cannonball, Ferak and Tornado, Scorponok and Zarak, and Knight Ginrai. The set can be purchased as part of the Iacon (non-attending) and Primus (attending) packages which are both on the verge of a sell out!
Click here to see the image, and find out more about BotCon 2014 here.
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