BBTS Pre-Order Reveals New Third Party Toys From DX9

This listing shows us our first look at these initial four inch (or 10cm) entries vying for a spot on your shelf. Dare you refuse them?

These are listed as XO1 Speedoo and Xo2 Guartinel. Both are under a line named ‘War In Pocket’, and are listed as being around the four inch (ten centimetres) height. They will certainly seem familiar to fans, as X01 happens to remind one of a certain blue speedster, one who might rival the Flash for speed, and X02 is a red van. That van looks rather boxy, and almost cartoony in a way.
For now they are listed as being out in August, and for now are only available as a pair. The set of both is listed at $44.99 US. The pre-order is listed here at BigBadToyStore, or keep an eye on your favourite online retailers, as there is no mention of them being exclusive. Seeing the projected August release date means we’re not that far away, so odds are that we’ll see the final product in the next few weeks.
Wondering just what ‘Guartinel’ means? Find yourself conflicted about getting these? Come talk about it in the Allspark forums, and here is our forum discussion on the pros and cons on these figures.

DX9 Xo1 and X02
DX9 Xo1 and X02