Allsparkers in the Limelight. Cheets’ Tweaks and BMOG featured in LA Weekly

comegetsomeIf there’s one thing we love here at the Allspark it’s when our creative members make a splash in the “Big Time”. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw Rob Roberts (Cheetimus), Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak (M Sipher) featured in an article in this morning’s LA Weekly online.
The best part is, this wasn’t just some feature on Botcon with passing mention of our friends, but an entire article dedicated to what they’ve accomplished in the fandom and explaining it to the non fans in a very positive light.
I won’t bother reiterating the details of the article, which focuses mostly on explaining what BotCon is and what customizing is, but  you can (and should)  check it out for yourself here. Also in depth is more information on what BMOG is and how it came to be.
bmogFor more information about BMOG visit the BMOG website and to see Rob’s full gallery and upcoming releases check out Cheet’s Tweaks.
Don’t forget to drop by and congratulate these guys in the thread on The Allspark Forums.