USA Today Article on New Designs, Weapons for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

As the clock ticaoe_optimus_weaponsks down towards the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction, USA Today gives its readers a glimpse at a few of the new designs and new weapons that movie-goers can expect to see in the fourth installment of the Transformers movie.

Optimus Prime goes from junkyard shabby to wielding a new power sword in no time.
“The sword is emblematic of what we’ve done to Optimus Prime as a whole,” says Di Bonaventura. “He’s been upgraded with more abilities.”
Bumblebee takaoe_bumblebee_weaponses his martial arts to another level with Chinese star-style adornments on his armor. The two also have new souped-up transformation vehicles. Optimus Prime eventually reveals himself “like a knight in shining armor” as an impressive Great Western truck, says Di Bonaventura. Bumblebee re-emerges as a new souped-up Camaro. Yellow, naturally.

And of course there are the new characters in addition to the new appearances for the returning ones.

There are plenty of new Autobots as well, including ones voiced by John Goodman (Autobot Hound) and Ken Watanabe (Drift).
The upgrades continue with the introduction of Dinobots, ancient creatures who enter the franchise “with their fists and feet first,” says Di Bonaventura.

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