Upcoming Decepticon Masterpiece Figure, More G1-colored TF4 Dinobots, and Other News from TF4 Launch Party in Japan

Thanks to Autobase Aichi, we have a summary of some of the news tidbits that the Takara Tomy designers offered up during the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction/Lost Age launch party over the weekend! Perhaps the most interesting news was confirmation from the design team on hand that after almost 10 Autobots straight, the Masterpiece line will be getting back to the Decepticon side. No specifics or hints were given as far as who the character might be, but maybe now your Soundwaves and Seekers won’t feel so outnumbered! The second bit of interesting information is that there will be more G1-colored Transformers 4 Dinobot toys coming out in the near future. As of this post the only two Dinobots announced in their classic silver, gold, and red are Grimlock and Slug/Slag, but maybe we’ll see the full team!
Check out the recap of the launch party (in its original language) here. Then discuss this news here

*「開発者4名の代表作は。 幸日佐志(直近ではメトロプレックス)、大西裕弥(TF4ドリフト)、齊藤崇光(日本では発表前の大きいダイノボット)、蓮井章悟(一押しはアニメイテッドのヴォイジャークラス・オプティマス)」