TF Pulp: Transformers TF-GT Translated Text Stories

Art: Dogmask
Translation: Andrew “Hydra” Hall
Photoshop, Article, Scans: Randy “Powered Convoy” Para
Source: Dengeki Hobby August 2013 – December 2013

Powered Convoy’s comments
Transformers GT, a small line from TakaraTomy implementing a retooled version of Alternity GT-R Convoy as several different characters, received some fiction via “Mission GT-R” one shot Manga published in Kero Kero Ace as well as several text stories over a five month period in Dengeki Hobby magazine. The stories published in Dengeki Hobby are translated for your enjoyment here.
The premise of GT is that the Autobots and Decepticons no longer wage war against each other, but rather settle their differences via a race. The outcome of the race determines who wins the “goal Energon”.  This prize will make them the most powerful Transformer in the GT universe. Naturally the lineup consists of Autobot Leaders Optimus (dubbed GT Prime), Star Saber (dubbed GT Saber), and Fortress Maximus (dubbed GT Maximus), and Decepticon Leader Megatron (GT Megatron). Each Transformer is modeled off of a real Super GT team race car.
Each Transformer is partnered with GT Sister. The 4 GT Sisters Misaki, Anna, Hiiro, and Noa represent a Race Queen for their respective Super GT Team. Initially it was thought that the GT Sisters were meant to represent normal humans cooperating with their Transformer partner, such as with Binaltech Asterisk and Kissplayers.  But it was eventually revealed that each GT Sister is in fact a creation of the Matrix that can help power up their Transformer partner.
A newly created Transformer was also introduced into the storyline as Safety Prime. Safety Prime is a redeco of Universe Legends Prowl as a GT pace car. Like the other GT Transformers, Safety Prime has a partner via the GT Sister Ai. The outfit for Ai was the basis for some promotional outfits worn by real life Race Queens at the Kids’ Walk and other Super GT promotions.
The influence of Transformers GT is still felt today with the 30th Celebration’s Team Mach Transformers inspired Super GT race car.
Please enjoy the GT stories as well as some scans from Dengeki Hobby’s GT coverage which includes photos of the GT figures, a Safety Prime custom, and real life Race Queens.