“Transformers Generations 2014” Vol. 1 Amazon Japan Listing & Content Details

For collectors of both books and figures of Transformers, Amazon Japan has updated their listing for “Transformers Generations 2014” Volume 1 with what looks to be a preliminary cover, featuring some of Transformers: Age of Extinction figures, like Grimlock and Optimus! Mind that it might not not necessarily be the final cover, so have those pre-orders ready when its release date of May 16 swings by in two weeks!
Snakas over at Autobase Aichi has also uploaded a flyer promoting the book, mentioning interviews with two familiar Japanese Transformers artists: Hirofumi Ichikawa and Yūki Ōshima! There also a piece on Masterpiece, in particular interviews with voice actors Yoku Shioya, the Japanese voice of Bumblebee (amongst others), and Osamu Saka, Japanese voice of Wheeljack! And more is teased at!
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TF Gen 2014 vol 1 flyer