Transformers EZ Collection Clear Mystery of Convoy figure

Being the 30th anniversary of the Transformers, fans can likely expect a number of exclusive items celebrating the brand’s birthday. And now we get a look at one more such product from Takara Tomy! The Japanese toy producer have updated their Transformers website with information about a new campaign for a clear EZ Collection (Legend/Legion class) Optimus Prime that will be available at the Sunshine City Toys R Us at midnight on May 16th for the launch of the Age of Extinction toy line! This figure is being referred to as “Mystery of Convoy” as it has a new, mystery feature added to it. Something that has to do with the metal pin in its foot, no doubt.
Click here to see the page about the campaign. And see the images mirrored below:
mystery_of_convoy_1 mystery_of_convoy_2