“Transformers: Age of Extinction” News Roundup: Promotions, Mural, & Jablonsky

Almost seven weeks until Transformers: Age of Extinction hits the silver screens! Here’s a quick look at some of the promotions going about!

From China, one of the China Railway trains – East Wind 7312 – has been decorated with Bumblebee, Strafe and Scorn, as reported by GabrielPrime from fellow site TFW2005.

AoE China train 2AoE China train 1

Physical promotion-wise, AMC has tweeted that 3D standees of Optimus Prime riding on the back of Grimlock will be present in AMC Theatres, while the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has shared a possibly new poster of the aforementioned pose.

Film composer Steve Jablonsky is a familiar name for those that have followed the previous live-action Transformers film, and for those that are friends with him on Facebook, he’s shared two images pertaining to Age of Extinction. The first one features a wide shot of empty musician sheet stands and chairs, with the caption: “The calm before the storm…. Lockdown doesn’t stand a chance against a room full of LA musicians”. The second one features Jablonsky himself with Bruce Fowler and Jeff Biggers at the mixing board. On the mixing board, there’s a musc sheet cover that hints at two of the tracks’ names which may contain spoilers, so click at your own risk.

AoE Jablonsky studio 2Optimus / Joshua Talk | Taking To The Streets

Lastly, Toys’R’Us UK has a listing for a Transformers wallpaper mural with the ever popular image of Optimus hitching a ride on Grimlock (with yellow coloring). Bumblebee, Drift, and Crosshairs. The mural retails for £44.99 GBP, roughly $76.31 USD.

AoE TRU UK Mural 2AoE TRU UK Mural 1

Transformers: Age of Extinction rolls out on June 27, 2014.



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