“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Dinobots Wave 1 Galleries!

Depending on toy distribution in your area, last weekend was either an extremely awesome couple of days, or immensely torturous.  Saturday, May 17th, was the global release of the “Transformers: Age of Extinction” toyline.  This was celebrated with the debut of new trailers, almost life-sized Grimlock animatronics, and toy fans everywhere walking into either fully stocked stores or dead end wastelands.  Fortunately for me, it was the former, and I started my jump back into the TF movie-verse with the robots everyone was dying to get ahold of…the Dinobots!!!
AoE_Voyager_Grimlock_006I want to be clear that by the end of the last movie, I was completely over the movie aesthetic.  I had enough, and really had not looked forward to new movie figures until the Dinobots hit the shelves.  Part of this problem was that I no longer found the movie figures fun.  Yes, they were challenging.  They had intricate transformations.  They just weren’t fun.  I’m happy to say this is no longer the case.  The new (ish) design team has brought the enjoyment back to transforming.  Gone are the 50 step transformations that are poorly documented in the instructions manual.  Gone for the most part are panels and appendages that do not solidly peg into place.  These are regular Transformers that a kid could learn how to change without crying and running to his likely just as clueless and frustrated parents.  “Simplified” ended up meaning “simpler”, but not “elementary”…at least not for the regular line.AoE_Voyager_Grimlock_031
As for the Dinobots themselves, they are impressive.  Scorn looks as mean as his name implies.  He has a great double melee system in robot mode, with a sword in one arm and a left arm that goes from tail to a whip like appendage.  Slug is armored to the teeth, and sports two 4 edged swords that can even be employed in dino-mode.  Grimlock is teeth and claws incarnate.  All 3 have some articulation in beast mode, and phenomenal articulation in robot mode.  One theme that is tying them together is that they all have robot heads that resemble the helmets for suits of armor.  This is a neat little detail and I can’t wait to get a look at the heads/helmets on the rest of the dino-crew.
AoE_Voyager_Grimlock_029I highly recommend the Age of Extinction deluxe and voyager class Dinobots.  Not only will they look great on your shelf in any mode, they are solid, fun toys that you will find difficult to put down.  If they have not yet made it to your neck of the woods, I hope they arrive soon.