The Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios, Hollywood!

Universal Studios, Hollywood is hosting a Transformers Fan experience on June 20th! People who purchase tickets to this event will get exclusive after-hours access to the park from 8 pm to 11 pm and will be able to experience all the rides! they will also be participating in special Transformers activities such as panel discussions featuring Hasbro’s transformers team and a private Stan Bush Concert! Plus, more… much more! You can buy tickets for the event now. Tickets cost $75.00 per person.
This looks to be the same event that coincides with the Botcon event included with the Primus and Mini-con packages but is NOT included with the Protoform package.
You can view the press release below as well as the bonus poster. And as always, you can discuss this news with fellow fans in our forums.

Get your tickets now to the Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, June 20. Enjoy EXCLUSIVE AFTER-HOURS access to “Transformers: The Ride — 3D” and other park rides and attractions, plus special panels featuring Hasbro’s Transformers team, a private concert by Stan Bush, a free limited edition poster (while supplies last) and more!

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