New TF4 Carded and Boxed Images, General Release and Retailer Exclusives

Via the Transformers Colombia FB page, more carded and boxed images from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction have surfaced.  Among the offerings this time we get a glimpse of the legion class Grimlock repaint of TF Prime Rippersnapper, Decepticon Stinger and Optimus Prime.  Also nicely packaged in a display worthy box, we have the Target exclusive Silver Knight Optimus Prime deluxe figure, who is paired with the G1-inspired repaint of the recent Generations Voyager Grimlock, sporting a faithfully chromed torso.  Walmart will be getting the Bumblebee-Dinobot Strafe 2-pack that features the Beast Wars Terrorsaur mold in blue and Toy R Us will be sell the Bumblebee/Strafe/Stinger 3-pack.  Check out the images below:
Target_2pack_Optimus_Grimlock TF4_Legionclass_Grimlock TF4_Legionclass_StingerTF4_Legionclass_OptimusTF4_Walmart_Strafe_BumblebeeTF4_TRU_Strafe_Bumblebee_Stinger