Takara Tomy Transformers Lost Age Snarl, Slog, and Voyager Drift Product Listings

tf4_snarl_dinoOnline toys and collectibles retailer Maruzen Toys have put up three new listings for Takara Tomy’s Transformers 4: Lost Age (Age of Extinction) toy line. We’ve already seen listings for these toys in US retailers’ computer systems, but this would seem to confirm that Takara Tomy will be releasing them as well. The listings are: AD-28 Snarl (Deluxe), AD-29 Clubber (Voyager), and AD-30 Drift (Voyager). It would appear as though “Clubber” is Takara Tomy’s name for Slog (who G1 fans would call Sludge), and Voyager Drift has an interesting twist for his alternate mode. It’s a bit of a spin on his usual car mode. It’s, well, a helicopter!
You can see the pre-order pages below:
AD-28 Snarl
AD-29 Clubber
AD-30 Drift