Shout! Factory Set to Release “Transformers: Cybertron” The Complete Series on DVD

Unicron trilogy
Shout! Factory is once again releasing the complete series of “Transformers: Cybertron” on a 7 disc DVD set that is due out on August 5th, 2014. The Complete Series will be available in both the United States and Canada.

The Conclusion Of The Unicron Trilogy!
Unicron has been defeated, but his destruction has created a black hole, which is threatening the Autobots’ home world of Cybertron. It’s up to Optimus Prime, his team of heroic Autobots and their new human friends — Coby, Lori and Bud — to secure the four mystical Cyber Planet Keys, in order to destroy the black hole. Unfortunately, Megatron and the Decepticons are always lurking. And if the Cyber Planet Keys fall into their hands, it could mean the end of life as we know it. The race is on!