New Walmart Exclusive Age of Extinction Figures Revealed

The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a series of images that are a surprise to fans everywhere! The images show a line of Transformers: Age of Extinction toys which will be exclusive to Walmart stores nationwide. The toy line features a number of past toolings decoed as Age of Extinction characters, such as Beast Wars Terrorsaur as Strafe (with Legion Bumblebee), Energon Cruellock as Grimlock (with Legion Optimus), and Beast Wars Neo Guiledart as Slug (with Legion Knockout as Stinger). Also pictured are a 3-pack of Age of Extinction Strafe with Legion Bumblebee and Stinger, and a Legion Class Grimlock from Beast Hunters Rippersnapper. Crazy, right?
Click here to see the Facebook post and discuss this news here in BassX0’s thread
Or check out the images mirrored below:
Walmart_aoe_bumblebee_legion Walmart_aoe_bumblebee_legion_2 walmart_aoe_grimlock_cruelock_1 walmart_aoe_grimlock_cruelock_2 walmart_aoe_grimlock_rippersnapper_1 walmart_aoe_grimlock_rippersnapper_2 walmart_aoe_optimusprime_legion walmart_aoe_optimusprime_legion_2 walmart_aoe_slug_guiledart walmart_aoe_slug_guiledart_2 walmart_aoe_stinger_knockout_1 walmart_aoe_stinger_knockout_2 walmart_aoe_strafe_stinger_bumblebee_1 walmart_aoe_strafe_stinger_bumblebee_2 walmart_aoe_strafe_terrorsaur_2 walmart_aoe_strafe_terrosaur_1