New Transformers Mask Truckers’ Caps from Stylin’ Online

Have you ever been wearing your Transformers-branded truckers’ cap and thought “You know what would make this cooler? A flip down mask of Megatron!” Even if you haven’t, Stylin’ Online is now offering two new Transformers truckers’ caps that do just that! The first is an Autobot hat with an extra bit of cloth that folds down in front of your face to give you an Optimus Prime mask. The second is a Decepticon hat that, of course, has a Megatron mask! Good news for those that don’t care about “transforming” aspect of the hat; you can leave the mask folded up inside the cap and have a regular hat.
Click here to see the Optimus/Autobot hat, and click here for the Megatron/Decepticon hat