New Target Age of Extinction Exclusives Revealed

Yesterday Hasbro’s Official Transformers Facebook Page gave us a look at a line of Transformers Age of Extinction toys that will be exclusive to Walmart. Today they’ve given us a glimpse at the toys that will be exclusive to Target stores! While Walmart’s theme is apparently Dinobots, Target’s theme is silver knight Optimus Prime! The retail chain will be offering a 12″ Titan Optimus in silver, a Constructbots set of Grimlock in yellow and blue with a silver Optimus Dinobot Rider, a silver Smash & Change Optimus Prime, and a 2-pack featuring Generations Voyager Grimlock with chrome gold chest (and red waist!) and a chrome silver Deluxe Optimus Prime (the mold originally released during Dark of the Moon) with G1 Rampage’s sword cast in silver plastic.
Click here to see the images or see them mirrored below:
target_aoe_12inch_optimus target_aoe_constructbots_grimlock_optimus_1 target_aoe_constructbots_grimlock_optimus_2 target_aoe_gene_grimlock_optimus_1 target_aoe_gene_grimlock_optimus_2 target_aoe_smash_change_optimus_1 target_aoe_smash_change_optimus_2