New Images of TCC Trans-Mutate and Maximal-Rampage, Orders Now Open for Trans-Mutate

If you’re a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club, you’ve probably seen the ongoing comic story that features Trans-Mutate and Maximal-Rampage/Protoform X from the Beast Wars: Uprising universe. Well now the Collectors’ Club have updated their Facebook page with images of the final toys for those characters! Rampage is the Club membership figure this year, while Trans-Mutate is a Club Store exclusive. However, like Runamuck and Runabout from a couple years ago, Trans-Mutate’s box comes with a slot to store Rampage as part of their inseparable duo.

Here’s a look at the TRANSFORMERS CLUB EXCLUSIVE Transmutate figure! The figure comes in a special display box with a place for the tech spec card. In addition, there is a hidden alcove in the foam made to hold the FREE TCC membership figure RAMPAGE! You can combine TRANSMUTE with your free RAMPAGE (to be mailed in the near future) and make a two figure boxed set which lines up with the current Club magazine comic!

Moreover, The Club have also started taking orders for Trans-Mutate! She is currently priced at $59.00 and is available right here: Trans-Mutate Order page.
Click here to see the Facebook page. And then discuss this news here in Spectre’s thread