New Hero Mashers Revealed – Rodimus, Jetfire, Autobot Heatwave

Coming again from Transformers Colombia’s Facebook page are more new images of upcoming Hasbro product. This time it’s a trio of Hero Mashers, the toys with removable parts that let your disassemble, mix, and match your figures into whatever crazy “Mash-Up” you can think of. The new Hero Mashers include Rodimus, Jetfire, and Autobot Heatwave. No, not the Heatwave you may be familiar with from Rescue Bots, the one from Timelines that turns into the torso for Original 13 member Nexus Prime! This marks the first time that Hasbro have taken a Transformers Collectors’ Club original character and given it a mass release toy. (Previously they had made Shadow Striker and Flamewar from OTFCC and BotCon, respectively.)
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You can also see the images mirrored below: