New Figure King Scans 05/22/14

Of note we have some new shots of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. We can see an alternate “angry face” for all those times he can’t get the Matrix to open or someone overlooks the importance of a semicolon (it’s very relevant!) Our first glimpse at prototypes for the Spike and Daniel figures he’ll come with as well. Next up is the unveiling of the (sleep-inducing) Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Masterpiece Bluestreak. This release of Bluestreak skates by with the absolute minimum of creativity, paint and effort by using his original toy deco and throwing in some red launchers. We also have a transforming Optimus Bearbrick, some more views of Masterpiece Bumblebee with original Spike. Rounding out the update are pictures of D-Arts and Artstorm’s upcoming releases. Thanks to Type-R of the tfw2005 boards for scanning these!
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