More Information on Campaign Micron Silver Roller’s Availability

Back on May 16th during the Transformers Lost Age (Age of Extinction) product debut event in Sunshine City, Japan, Takara Tomy first made its “Silver Roller” campaign Micron available. For those that missed out, however, they will again make it available to fans and collectors! Starting now, anyone who buys 3,000 yen worth of Transformers product at Toys R Us stores in Japan will have the chance to receive one of the Rollers. 5,000 of the campaign Micron were given out between the 16th and the 22nd, and another 5,000 will be given out between the 23rd and the 1st of June.
Click here to see this information on the  Autobase Aichi blog. Or you can see the images mirrored below: