More Information from Million Publishing’s Transformers: Generations Vol. 1

million_publishing_pollAllspark user BraveMax has posted some more of the information provided within the pages of Million Publishing’s Transformers: Generations Vol. 1. Most of this information has to do with the characters listed in the exclusives poll, as well as the comics.

ALL of the [poll] options appeared in the comic, though (apart from Shouki) the Fallen, Overdrive, and Alpha Trion were featured most prominently.
G2 Smokescreen is a close second, with the rest just being cameos. Vector Sigma/The Oracle ALSO appear, and are pretty clearly this guy (in yellow/puke green). Interestingly enough, the Fallen DOES combine at the end of the comic. Looks like he does so with randos, though…
The page scanned above confirms that they’re considering adding partners (using Microns, etc.) for all of the possible options (none of the partners appear in the comic). For Alpha Trion, it notes that he might be slightly more expensive because he’d come with Vector Sigma. For G2 Smokescreen, they promise they’ll explain what the deal is with him if he wins (…). For Camshaft, it seems like they’re not sure if he’ll come with both Wheeljack and Tracks’ weapons – just that they’ll go with whatever brings him closest to his G1 version. For Camshaft, they note that they’re gonna try to replicate the colorful look of his stickers using the latest paint technologies. So – maybe tampos? For Silverbolt, they point out that he hasn’t been released in Japan, and that this is designed to be his TM2 form (hence “Metals” Silverbolt).

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