More Images of TCC Maximal-Rampage

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have tweeted out three images of the Club Membership Maximal-Rampage incentive figure. The aim of the images is to show off the size and sculpt of the head, attempting to alleviate concerns about its proportion compared to the body. Check out the tweets below:

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Also, here’s an update on the FSS 2.0:

The container was off loaded yesterday. We are preparing to make the first shipment to you next week and then, due to the BotCon schedule, the second shipment will occur before BotCon. So, your first two figures will come relatively close together.
For those of you on the installment pay plan, we will be billing you the 2nd installment on July 2nd and the final installment on August 26th. Please make a note of those dates so that you can ensure there is enough money/credit in your account. Remember, we will attempt the billing 3X and after the third attempt, the remainder of your subscription will be cancelled and there is no way to reinstate it. Each time we rebill the admin fee is additive.
Your bonus figure will ship with the final shipment in October and only those who complete the full subscription will receive the free bonus figure.
In addition, we would like for all of you to log-in and check/correct your address and while you are there, check your cc information to make sure that it is still valid. Address changes must be made in the system by midnight Monday, May 26th, so that we can prepare the shipping documents that Tuesday morning. Click here to log-in to check your information. Do not log into the club store and make any address changes for this system. The two software systems are independent for shipping addresses. All FSS address changes must be made in the FSS system. All store order address changes must be made in the store system.
Please note that this went to every invoice in the FSS 2.0 system, even if your order did not go through or you cancelled it. We don’t have a way to separate the different emails so this was sent to everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Thanks for your support and patience!