Lafuente Attending Auto Assembly with Milne & Roberts

Still think your body can handle it after BotCon (June 19 to June 22) and San Diego Comic-Con (July 24 to July 27)? Then hope you’re ready when Auto Assembly rolls in! Colorist Joana Lafuente will be joining fellow artist Alex Milne and writer James Roberts for Auto Assembly 2014! Lafuente has colored many titles, from Spotlights Blurr, Drift, and Cliffjumper, as well Transformers: Ironhide, Rage of the Dinobots, various More Than Meets The Eye covers (alongside line artist Casey Coller), and the occasional interior colors for MTMTE!
Auto Assembly 2014 will run from August 8 to August 10, 2014, at the Hilton Birmingham Metrople Hotel in Birmingham, England.