High-Resolution Images of Star Wars Black Series Jabba the Hutt and Yoda

Yesterday for International Star Wars Day, Hasbro revealed two upcoming Star Wars Black Series figures for the 6″ scale. Today, they sent out high-resolution images for both! This particular version of Jabba the Hutt is slated to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, but rumor has it that the figure may see regular retail release without accessories (Salacious Crumb, hookah pipe).

Scroll down to see images of Yoda as well as Jabba:
322180_SW_Yoda_Black_Series Hasbro 2014 SDCC Jabba set_detail photo1 Hasbro 2014 SDCC Jabba set_in package1 Hasbro 2014 SDCC Jabba set_packaging back1 Hasbro 2014 SDCC Jabba set_packaging front1