Hero-X Exclusive Generations 2014 Shouki & Daniel Revealed

Hot on the heels of the recent photo announcing the Hero-X Transformers Generations 2014 exclusive figure Shouki, we know have better images and the identity of his Targetmaster partner.  Shouki will be joined by Daniel who is now sporting an under cover Excel (Exo) Suit.
It’s mentioned that Shouki’s space shuttle mode is used as a disguise.  The disguise is based on the Decepticon ship Thunder Arrow (Skystalker’s shuttle) in order to impersonate the Decepticon shuttle.  Daniel’s Excel suit is meant to mimic the look of Skystalker himself for him and Shouki’s top secret mission!
As mentioned in our post earlier today Shouki is a redeco of Classics Astrotrain and Daniel is a redeco of Power Core Combiner Groundspike.
Shouki and Daniel are only available through a mail away coupon available with the purchase of Hero-X’s Transformers Generations 2014 Vol. 1 at the price of 5,000 Yen (3,800 Yen plus 1,200 taxes & fees) for one figure or 9,400 (7,600 plus 1,800 taxes & fees) for two. Deadline to receive the coupon for the figure is September 1st, 2014.  Payment is in the form of COD only for residents in Japan.  Figures will ship out at the end of December 2014.
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