Hasbro Masterpiece Sunstorm Revealed?!

TFW2005 user jru42287 did some digging in Toys R Us’ computers and found an updated entry for a Masterpiece Sunstorm.  Sunstorm was rumored to be coming to Toys R Us this Summer along side the likes of Grimlock and Prowl.  Unlike Prowl and Grimlock who are heavily based on the TakaraTomy decos, Sunstorm features an all new deco inspired not by the original cartoon or original eHOBBY toy.
jru42287 also transcribed the bio for Sunstorm, which can be found below:

Fly too close to the sun and you’ll get burned. Get too close to Sunstorm, and you’ll be dissolved into a puddle of liquid scrap. The maniacal warrior’s radiation-emitting armor has the power to melt the metal of nearby bots, disabling their circuits and scrambling their brain module in the process. Some might say this is a quirk of science – a glitch that triggered a reaction when Sunstorm was forged. Sunstorm himself would say it’s something more: a gift from higher power that he must use on those who deserve to feel his wrath. That might be a little much, but do you really want to argue with him? Autobots beware, because the ultimate Decepticon flier is on the hunt for someone to fight! He converts from robot mode to fighter jet mode, and in either mode he’s armed for major combat. His canopy and nose cone open in jet mode and his hidden missile pods deploy when he gets an Autobot in his sights! Set him on his stand in your collection when the fight is over for the day. Get a high-flying Decepticon with incredible battle features with this Masterpiece Sunstorm Figure! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.