Generations Tailgate and Skrapnel Found at Target

generations_tailgate_robotGenerations Legends fans better hop in their cars and head out to their local Target stores! Not long after the first sightings of Cosmos and Swerve at Target stores comes a sighting for Tailgate and Skrapnel! The sighting was at a Target in West Covina, California.
But if you’re not feeling up to a toy hunt, there’s also good news for you – Hasbro Toy Shop have listed these two figures as well! So if you don’t feel like making the drive, or know that your area won’t be getting the new toys any time soon, you’ve got that option as well.
Click here to see the sighting on the 2005 Boards, or post your own right here.
You can also click here to see the listings on Hasbro Toy Shop