Full Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Now Online!

Star Wars fans now have the chance to get their biggest peek at the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon. Disney and Lucasfilm have put online two trailers for the cartoon – one that’s 40 seconds and another that’s 60 seconds – showing off the new heroes and the new villains of course! The heroes consist of the former Jedi Kanan, pilot Hera, the street smart Ezra, the muscle Zeb, and the Mandalorian Sabine. With them in their journey is the grumpy astromech droid Chopper. Against them is the Inquisitioner and the full force of the Empire.
This cartoon is set between Episodes III and IV, and give fans a look at how the Rebellion against the Empire started its foot hold.
Star Wars: Rebels will air on Disney XD this Fall. Check out the videos below: