First Look at Optimus Prime Evolution 2 Pack

Our friends over at the Transformers Colombia facebook page have once again come through with some new photos from Hasbro. This time the featured images are of the upcoming Optimus Prime Evolution 2 pack. This series focuses on characters by representing them as they were in 1984 and as they are today.
In this case, standing in for the 1984 Optimus Prime figure is a repaint of the Classics Optimus Prime. With fewer paint aps  this version is enhanced with a chrome grill and bumper in vehicle mode and chrome thighs in robot mode.
The 2014 Optimus Prime is represented by the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Evasion Mode toy. Both toys in the set are Voyager sized.
We’ve mirrored the pics below.and you discuss the toys here in our forum thread.

Correction: In an earlier version of this article it was noted that there is no smokestack gun included. It was pointed out to us that it is indeed in the upper left corner of the packaging.