Dengeki Hobby June 2014 Scans – Evangelion X Transformers, MP Ultra Magnus, TF4 Advanced

The Allspark acquired the June 2014 issue of Dengeki Hobby and has provided some scans of the Transformers related materials within the magazine.
Covered in the first two pages are TakaraTomy’s Movie Advanced line up.  The Movie Advance lineup takes the TF4 Movie Generations lineup as well as figures from previous lines to fill in some holes in collections as well as offering improved decos on some all time favorite Movie figures.  AD01 through AD07 features characters from the 4th film, while AD08 to AD11 features characters from the 1st film (though technically AD08 Bumblebee is from the 2nd film), while AD12 – AD15 are characters considered from the 2nd film.  The 3rd film is represented with June’s releases (not featured).
Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p156sm Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p157sm
Also covered in the 2nd page is MP-22 Ultra Magnus.  A comparison is shown between MP-10 Convoy and the prototype for Ultra Magnus.  Pictures show him in his truck mode, his face feature, and his opening chest feature.
On the third page we see TakaraTomy’s plans for the 30th Anniversary of Transformers with the real truck Optimus Prime, which will be touring in Japan.  The Mach Team Super GT featuring Optimus Prime as well as GT Sister Misaki in a new uniform.  The Transformers Celebration 2014 is mentioned as well as the Transformers Expo.  Next up is the Clear Generations Legends Weapons as well as the G1 color Slug and Grimlock.
On the fourth page is the announcement of the Evangelion x Transformers crossover.  Which the Evangelion Store and TakaraTomy Mall will be carrying exclusive products for.
The next two scans feature advertisements for Artstorm’s EX Alpha Trion figure.  Both scans show off the figure and some of his features.
Next up is a custom submitted by one of Dengeki Hobby’s readers of a 1/72 Macross VF-1S done up as G1 Jetfire.
Last but not least is an advertisement for the Lost Age figures showing Optimus, Grimlock, and the promotional Legends figures.
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Ultra Hi-Res Scans
Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p156 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p157 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p158 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p159 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p175 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p187 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p240 Dengeki_Hobby_2014_06_p275