Casey Kasem is Missing; Judge is Concerned About his Whereabouts.


Sources all over Hollywood are reported that veteran voice actor and radio personality Casey Kasem has gone missing. Judge Daniel S. Murphy has ordered an investigation as to his whereabouts. At this time it isn’t known whether or not he is even currently in the country. The 80 year old actor is described as either suffering from Parkinsons Disease or Lewy body disease, which affects the mind and causes dementia.
His disappearance is the next chapter in the ongoing battle between his daughters and his current wife, who has prohibited anyone from seeing him. According to information from NBC

Casey Kasem’s children have complained for months that they’ve been prohibited from seeing their father. Kasem’s daugher, Kerri Kasem, was appointed as her father’s temporary caretaker during the hearing, after her lawyer told the judge the family believes Kasem is being treated in Washington state.

In an interiew Monday night, Kerri Kasem told NBC News that she saw her father last Tuesday at a medical facility that she did not name. She described the “two-to-three hour” visit as “incredible” because he “had a smile ear to ear and told us he loved us.”

“Some of the staff said they’ve never seen him so animated and happy,” Kerri Kasem said in the interview, which will be broadcast Tuesday on TODAY. “When we went to leave, we said ‘Dad, we’re going to be back really soon.’ And he said ‘When?’ That’s the last time I saw him. That night he was taken from the facility.”

That warm gathering with his children, Kerri Kasem said, prompted Kasem’s wife, Jean, to remove him from the facility — and then keep his location secret.

“She couldn’t, in my opinion, stand it, ripped him out of the facility he was getting care in. This is not a man you can just move … He needed to be transported properly under doctor’s orders and care. And we believe he was not,” Kerri Kasem said.

“So that’s why we are doing this … to find my father. If anybody has seen him, if anybody knows his whereabouts, please call the police, please help us … Facebook, Twitter, whatever, just help us find our dad. He needs to be in a proper medical facility, not in a car or on a plane, crossing state lines or out of the country,” she added.

Outside of his role as the host of the “Weekly Top 40” Casey is known to Transformers and animation fans as the voice of beloved characters spanning decades, including Cliffjumper, Teletraan-1 and Bluestreak from Generation One and is perhaps most well known for his role as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.