BotCon 2014 Registration to go Live This Week

Word from BotCon is that registration is going live this week. They say that the registration will not be today or tomorrow but to keep an eye out for when it does.

Hello Everyone!

We are still shooting for registration to go live this week. It won’t be today or Tuesday, so rest those refresh keys!

We have loaded on the Information page a Package Matrix to help everyone make sure they are ordering the correct package. Check it out.

In the meantime, to make sure you have not forgotten your log in or password, please go to and log in. If it works there, it will work with the registration system. You can also retrieve your password at the store site.

Also please use the email link at if you have any questions, and make sure you read the FAQs before we start registration!

See you in Pasadena!

Here is the link to the club page to test your login.