BotCon 2014 Non-Attendee Sets Sold Out

BotCon2014webcenterBotCon have just sent out an email informing fans that the Iacon (non-attendee) Package is now sold out. IF there are additional attendee packages left, they MAY open those up for non-attendee sales.

Hello Everyone!
Non-Attending registrations now sold out. If there are any leftover attending sets we will turn them into non-attending sets (closer to the event) as we must keep those in stock for fans that want to travel to the event.
So, if you don’t get a non-attending set now, we will let you know in the future when (if any) additional sets become available.
Please DO NOT register for an attending set and try to change it to a non-attending set later as we will cancel this registration and put it back in stock.
Thanks for your support!