BotCon 2014 – More Iacon Packages Available

botcon_2014_box_artFun Publications have sent out an email informing Transformers fans that they’ve opened up more BotCon 2014 Iacon/non-attending sets for those who can’t make the trip to Pasadena next month:

Hello Everyone!
We have moved most of the remaining BotCon boxed sets into the non-attending (Iacon Package).  There are less than we put in initially so if you want a boxed set and can’t come to the show, you will want to pre-order it immediately.   Iacon sets will ship 3-4 weeks after we return from the event.  You can order it at, click on the Register button.
We have left a very small number in the attending Primus Package category.  All registration will cease on Wednesday, June 4, so that we can prepare for the event.  If there are any Primus packages available after that date, you will need to come to late registration on Friday, June 20, 9:30 AM at the Pasadena Convention Center.  We do not guarantee any availability at late registration.
Again, please DO NOT register for an attending set and try to change it to a non-attending set later as we will cancel this registration and put it back in stock.
Thanks for your support!

The Iacon Package gets you the BotCon 2014 Box Set with the exclusive Pirates vs. Knight figures – Scorponok and Zarak, Ferak and Tornado, Cannonball, Devcon, and Ginrai.
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