BotCon 2014 Box Art Revealed!

The Official Transformers Facebook Page have update with a look at the box art for the BotCon 2014 set of exclusive toys! The art was crafted by the exceedingly talented Robby Musso and depicts all five of the box set toys – Pirate Cannonball, Pirate Ferak, Pirate Scorponok, Knight Devcon, and Knight Ginrai – as well as Olin Zarak, the Headmaster partner for Scorponok. (No one tell Tornado that he was left out.)
Here’s the blurb that corresponds to the box art reveal:

BotCon 2014 arrives in Pasadena on June 19th, but we have a look at the AMAZING box art for this year’s convention box set for you today! Registration for BotCon is about to begin so be sure to visit for all the details!

Click here for the reveal or see it mirrored below: