Better Image of Million Publishing Exclusive Poll

Planet Iacon have updated their Facebook post with a MUCH better image of the options for the Million Publishing exclusive poll that we reported earlier. The choices that fans can vote on are:
Alpha Trion from Generations Scourge
The Fallen from Generations FoC Onslaught
Sunstreaker Police Type from Universe Sunstreaker
Smokescreen (G2 deco) from Universe Smokescreen
Autobot Drift Black Vers. from Generations Drift
Overdrive from Universe Prowl
Downshift from Generations Wheeljack
Camshaft from Universe Ironhide
Beast Wars Silverbolt from Transformers Go! Budora
Goshooter from Generations Bumblebee/Nightbeat
Click here to see the image, or discuss it here.
You can also see it mirrored below: